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1. This is my first time registering through the new CivicRec platform- where can I find step-by-step instructions?
2. How are teams formed and how is the league facilitated?
3. What are the age divisions?
4. Will masks be required in facilities during the season?
5. How long are practices held?
6. How many practices are there per week?
7. How will practices be facilitated this year?
8. Where will practices be held?
9. Will teams be allowed to scrimmage during practices since there are two teams per court?
10. Will parents be allowed in facilities during practice?
11. Will parents and spectators be allowed in facilities during games?
12. Where will games be played?
13. Can parents leave the premises during practice?
14. Will teams get to choose uniform colors this year?
15. Will the jersey be gender specific or unisex?
16. What days will games be played this year?
17. Will we be allowed to have food and/or drinks in facilities?
18. How do I become a coach?