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Interlibrary Loan Request

  1. Are you a Botetourt County resident?*

    Only Botetourt County residents may request materials through our interlibrary loan service. If you reside elsewhere, please contact your home library for assistance. 

  2. If no title, please describe

  3. If applicable

  4. Find it on

  5. Willing to pay ___ above the $3.00 fee, if needed

    In case the lending library charges an additional fee

  6. If your request is filled, where would you like to pick up the material?*
  7. How do you prefer to be contacted?*
  8. I agree to abide by Botetourt County Library's Interlibrary Loan Policy. I understand that there is no guarantee that the library will be able to obtain the material I want or meet my deadline. I agree to pay any fees associated with using this service and borrowing materials from other institutions. 

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