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Report a Zoning Concern

  1. Follow-Up Contact Requested*
  2. Please provide the address, or an adjacent address, to where the zoning concern is located. Use the "Report Concern" field below to describe the violation and any other helpful information.

  3. The Botetourt County Department of Community Development handles all complaints for possible violations of the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 25 of the County Code). After submitting a complaint to the Department, a code enforcement officer will investigate the complaint within 30 days.

    Please be aware that if a violation is detected, it may take several weeks to resolve the issue. This is to ensure that the responsible party is given reasonable notice of the violation and sufficient time to abate it. Any necessary follow-up actions will be taken by staff to address the complaint.

    If your complaint is not addressed by this form or you have other concerns, please contact (540) 928-2000.

  4. Acknowledgement*

    The information you provide is confidential. As a complainant, your name will be excluded from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Code Enforcement Officers may need to contact you in case they have questions or need more information about the code violation.

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