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Botetourt County Fire & EMS

  1. Accountability Tag Requests

    This is where you can submit an order for a set of accountability tags.

  2. Active 911 Mapping Information Report
  3. Awards Submissions

    Please review the awards policy before submission

  4. EMS Supply Requests
  5. Mailing Lists - Department Announcements
  6. Membership Acceptance & ID Request
  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Station Apparel Requests
  8. Safety Suggestion Box

    This is the Fire & EMS Safety Suggestion Box. This is a depot to hear about near misses or other ways that we can improve safety... More…

  9. Uniform & Personal Protective Equipment Receipts
  1. Active 911 Dispatch Issues
  2. Active 911 User Management
  3. Dispatch Questions, Comments and Concerns
  4. Fire & EMS Information Request

    Use this form to request information and service provided by the Botetourt County Emergency Services

  5. Mailing Lists - Training Announcements
  6. Part-Time Interest Form
  7. Preplan Fixes

    Please submit any pre-plan changes to this form so that we may fix them throughout the system.

  8. Special Operations Team Application

    Purpose: To apply for consideration for membership to the Special Operations Team. Prerequisites: Must already be a career member... More…