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BOCO WILD Volunteer Form

  1. BOCO WILD Volunteer Form

    Complete form to become a volunteer at our BOCO WILD event.

Botetourt County Fire & EMS

  1. Active 911 Dispatch Issues
  2. Active 911 User Management
  3. Course Registration Form

    ***Please do not use this form for Girls' Fire Camp. We are SOLD OUT. You can sign up on the waitlist at More…

  4. EMS Supply Requests
  5. Mailing Lists - Department Announcements
  6. Part-Time Interest Form
  7. Preplan Fixes

    Please submit any pre-plan changes to this form so that we may fix them throughout the system.

  8. Special Operations Team Application

    Purpose: To apply for consideration for membership to the Special Operations Team. Prerequisites: Must already be a career member... More…

  9. Volunteer Information & ID Request
  1. Active 911 Mapping Information Report
  2. Awards Submissions

    Please review the awards policy before submission

  3. Dispatch Questions, Comments and Concerns
  4. Information Request

    Use this form to request information and service provided by the Botetourt County Emergency Services

  5. Mailing Lists - Training Announcements
  6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Station Apparel Requests
  7. Safety Suggestion Box

    This is the Fire & EMS Safety Suggestion Box. This is a depot to hear about near misses or other ways that we can improve safety... More…

  8. Uniform & Personal Protective Equipment Receipts


  1. Provide Site Feedback

    Botetourt County has created a new website with CivicPlus. In an effort to improve this new website, we welcome constructive feedback... More…

  1. Public Comment Submission


  1. Audiobook
  2. Botetourt Reminisces: Share Your Story

    What’s more fun than sitting on your front porch reminiscing about the good ol’ days? Sharing those stories with friends and family. ... More…

  3. Email Us
  4. Genealogy Research Request
  5. Meeting Room Reservation Request Form
  6. What Should I Read / Watch?

    Your library staff is here for you! We know it is difficult not being able to browse, and we want to help you. Just fill out this form... More…

  1. Book
  2. Contact Library Board of Trustees

    Form for contacting the Library Board of Trustees

  3. Friends of the Library Application

    We're honored that you would like to join our Friends group in support of Botetourt County Libraries! If you run into any issues with... More…

  4. Library - Contact Us
  5. Movie

    Your library staff is here for you! We know it is difficult not being able to browse, and we want to help you. Just fill out this form... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Volunteer Coach Interest Form

    Volunteer to coach the next generation of athletes.

Recreation Incentive Fund

  1. Capital Improvement Incentive Fund Program

    PURPOSE: To provide matching funds to non-profit community service groups, individuals, or corporations wishing to make recreation... More…

Recycling Report

  1. Recycling Report Form

    Botetourt County is required to submit commercial recycling data to the Commonwealth of Virginia. In order to comply with the... More…