What if I want to use the online tracker?

The online tracker is the preferred way to participate in our Beanstack challenges.  If you don’t have a computer or internet access at home, feel free to visit any Botetourt County Libraries branch and use our computers for free.  Simply sign in at the front desk.  

Beanstack also has an app available for smartphones.  It is easy and convenient to use.

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1. How do I join this month's challenge?
2. Why should I participate?
3. Who can participate?
4. Do I need a library card to participate?
5. What if I want to use the online tracker?
6. I'm having trouble logging in/registering.
7. Can I add multiple readers to my account?
8. Can I register all the kids at my daycare together?
9. How do I change the reader I am logging for?
10. Can I share my child’s reader page with another caregiver?
11. I made a mistake while logging activities. How do I fix it?
12. Why am I getting so many emails?