Can I appeal my assessment?

A property owner has the right to appeal their property tax assessment. The burden of proof, however, is always on the taxpayer to prove why they should have their assessment changed. Simply saying:  “My assessment is too high (or low)” or “My property value went up but my neighbors’ all went down” is not sufficient; an appeal must be substantiated. There may be factors involved of which an owner may be unaware. You may appeal by either submitting a written appeal or by scheduling a face-to-face hearing.

The following may happen on appeal:

1) the assessed value may be raised;

2) it may be lowered; or

3) it may remain the same

Any appeals that are not resolved by the initial appeal hearing may be reviewed by the Board of Equalization. A new appeal application must be submitted to the Board of Equalization for the Board to rule on the appeal. The final appeal after the Board of Equalization would be to petition your city or county for judicial review. The Code of Virginia provides all property owners the opportunity to appeal an unfair reassessment through the Circuit Court system.

Appeals to the Reassessment Office

To review your values, a Reassessment Book will be available in the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office and the Clerk's Office. You may appeal your assessment in writing or through email. 


You can file your appeal immediately. Your appeal must be received no later than 5 pm on Monday, March 4, 2024.

Please make sure to include your "map number" as shown at the top of your notice. In case the assessor needs to contact you, please also include a daytime phone number where you can be reached to discuss your appeal. In your appeal, you may include a letter, an appraisal, a picture, or any other information that you would like the assessor to review. You will be notified within 4-6 weeks of the conclusion of the outcome of any appeal. Values may be raised, lowered, or remain unchanged as a result of appeals. The goal is to maintain accuracy and consistency and to reflect current real estate market conditions. 

Submit your appeal to:

Botetourt County Reassessment Office     |     P.O. Box 685  Daleville, VA 24083     |   (540)986-5352

Email: [email protected]

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