When was the reassessment conducted?

Conducting a general reassessment of all properties in Botetourt County takes nearly two years to complete.  The Wampler-Eanes Group was in the community during 2023 assessing properties, You may have seen them out and about, or if you were not home they left a small yellow piece of paper at your address.

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1. What is reassessment?
2. Can I appeal my assessment?
3. Does Botetourt County offer tax relief for the elderly, disabled, veterans, farmers or others?
4. How is reassessment conducted?
5. Who conducts reassessments in Botetourt County?
6. When was the reassessment conducted?
7. What is market value?
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9. If I hadn't made any improvements to my property since 2020, why would my home be worth more and my assessment increase?
10. When will I receive my 2024 general reassessment notice?
11. How do I pay my bill?