Why things and not just books?

Children need to develop and grow their minds for social, emotional, and cognitive skill building.  How do we do this?  Putting intention behind everyday things. Many of the things that embody the 5 Basic Principles caregivers do already, but not as intentionally as they might if they understood the potential impacts. Enter community partners, like daycares, community centers, and libraries! The purpose of The Basics initiative is to help community stakeholders and families with infants and toddlers tap into the power they have to shape children’s futures.  The intention is families should have the information and support needed to make the most of the knowledge that contemporary science has made available. 

Tips on the 5 Basics

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1. Why should my child participate in this challenge?
2. Can a participant read the same book every day?
3. Can participants do the same activities every day?
4. Why things and not just books?
5. How do I join this amazing challenge?
6. Do I have to register all my students, if I want to participate with my class?
7. Are there prizes?