Why should my child participate in this challenge?

For multiple reasons!   Science has proven, children who read (or are read to) at least one book a day have a better opportunity to develop empathy, gain a deeper understanding of the world, and build strong relationships between child and caregiver.  Reading also helps improve literacy skills, expands a child's vocabulary, helps them concentrate, and promotes higher levels of creativity and imagination. Equally important, children need to develop and grow their minds for social, emotional, and cognitive skill building.  With a dual focus on early literacy and the 5 Basics, 1KTB4K give you the opportunity to help your little one prepare for school and life, as well as earn points toward getting free books!  

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1. Why should my child participate in this challenge?
2. Can a participant read the same book every day?
3. Can participants do the same activities every day?
4. Why things and not just books?
5. How do I join this amazing challenge?
6. Do I have to register all my students, if I want to participate with my class?
7. Are there prizes?