Quality of Life Survey

2023 Botetourt County Quality of Life Survey Results

In 2023, Botetourt County launched a “Quality of Life Survey”, 975 residents started the survey, and 554 residents completed the survey to help the county better understand the needs and wants of our community. It's wonderful to see that the community members in Botetourt County are actively engaged in providing feedback and expressing their desires for the county's improvement.  The steps outlined to address their needs are comprehensive and thoughtful. Here's a closer look at some of the key points.

 “I Wish Botetourt Had….”

It's evident from the responses that there are numerous requests and desires from the community. Some common themes and requests include:

  • More parks and recreational facilities: There's a strong desire for more parks catering to children, families, and seniors, with facilities for various sports and activities like pickleball, tennis, and biking. Pickleball courts top the list of the most wanted recreational sport to be added to the county.
  • Improved infrastructure and walkability: Residents are looking for better sidewalks, greenways, and bike lanes to promote safe walking and cycling.
  • More restaurants and shopping options: Many residents want a variety of dining and retail choices, including upscale restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Better support for schools and education: There's a need for improved school facilities, funding, and resources to retain and attract good teachers.
  • Improved public transportation and community services: Residents want better access to public transportation, support for elderly individuals to attend appointments, and organized social activities for seniors and young people.
  • Preservation of land and open spaces: Some residents advocate for maintaining open farmland and improving access to national forests and natural areas.
  • Support for small businesses and local entrepreneurs: Residents express a desire for more opportunities for small businesses to thrive, possibly through dedicated areas or incubator programs.
  • Focus on community interests and aesthetics: Residents want a say in the development of their communities and the preservation of historical buildings and local aesthetics.
  • Addressing environmental concerns: Some residents mention the need for cleaner environments, better waste management, and improved recycling facilities.
  • Improved communication and transparency from local government: People want to be better informed about community projects and developments that may affect them.
  • Providing affordable housing and resources for all income levels: There's a need for more affordable housing options and support for individuals with lower incomes.

Here is a snapshot of what the survey respondents had to say:

Qualify of Life Results Major Concerns of Residents - pie chart with different colors

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