Greenfield's Early Days

Greenfield had its beginnings in February 1759, when Colonel William Preston purchased a 191-acre tract from Stephen Renfro on Buffalo Creek in what is presently Botetourt County.  The first building was a blockhouse surrounded by a stockade, like many such frontier houses - part home, a part fortress.   Below are documents outlining the early days of Greenfield as well as some historic photos that the Hopkins family has graciously shared.  

If you want to get involved in the Historic Greenfield Preservation Advisory Council, meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 3 pm at the Greenfield Administration Center in Room 229.

Greenfield - the Early Days News Article and Documents

These photos of the Greenfield Property have been shared with us by the Hopkins Family. 

We would like to thank them for their generosity and for sharing these incredible, historic photos.

Greenfield - G J Hopkins 1945

Greenfield - Preston home

Greenfield Chimneys 1959

Greenfield Kitchen 1959