CivicRec - Registration Help

Botetourt Parks & Recreation has a new & improved way to register!

Sign up for recreation sports leagues, reserve an event space, or register for a program through our new platform with the following link:

Botetourt Parks & Recreation- CivicRec Registration Platform

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Navigate to CivicRec Registration Website

  1. CLICK HERE to visit the CivicRec registration website. 
  2. Alternatively: enter into your web browser

Create a New Account

  1. Select Login/Create Account in the upper left corner, then select Create your Botetourt County Parks & Recreation account.
  2. Fill in required information for primary account holder, except the emergency contact. 
  3. Click Next Step: Other Account Members at the bottom right to add additional family members (Note: your entire family can utilize one account)
  4. Click Save & Close at the bottom right. This may generate an error stating emergency contacts are required and direct you to complete emergency contacts – this is normal. The system will not allow you to add an emergency contact until all other information is input
  5. To receive text alerts (i.e., class cancellations, facility closings), indicate your mobile carrier next to your cell number.
  6. To receive important notifications, opt-in in to receive all communication types (courtesy notifications, critical announcements, upcoming events)
  7. Additional household members (spouse, children, etc.) may be added at any time in your Account Settings. Keep your entire household on one account!

How to add a Member to an Existing Account

  1. Log in to your existing CivicRec account; click Account button at top left of webpage
  2. Click on Add New Account Member
  3. Complete information for new account member and click Save & Close when finished

This is an important step when one guardian is the account holder and the other guardian wants to register as a coach. You will need to add both guardians as a member in the account.  

How to Register for an Activity - Including Coaching

  1. Browse the catalog tab for desired ACTIVITES
    •  Example: A basketball coach would click on basketball and find basketball coaching listed as an activity. 
  2. Browse the program/activity you are interested in and select it. 
  3. Make sure to select the correct account member before adding it to your cart. This can be found on the right-hand side of the screen, where it says, ACCOUNT MEMBERS.
  4. Once the program/activity has been added to your cart, click checkout to finish your transaction.
  5. A series of prompts/waivers will follow that need to be answered and agreed to.

How to Reserve a Facility

  1. Select the catalog tab associated with the facility type you would like to reserve space at.
  2. Browse the calendar to choose your reservation date. If a space is available, it will show up as GREEN on the calendar, if it is unavailable it will show up as GREY, and it will show up as YELLOW on the calendar if it is partially available. 
  3. Once the date is selected, select the rate and time range for the rental. If no date or time range is available, the facility you're viewing cannot be reserved online. 
  4. One the rental space had been added to your cart, click checkout to finish your transaction.
  5. A series of prompts/waivers will follow that need to be answered and agreed to.
  6. While some requests are processed immediately and your card will be processed for the fees at that time. other facility requests do not require you to pay fees at the time your process the transaction because the rental requests are reviewed and approved by department staff.