Vision, Mission & Values

We, the Elected Supervisors of Botetourt County 

Envision a community where county residents are attaining higher educational and economic goals; are enjoying a quality of life marked by safety and security, environmental protection, quality business and residential development, and a variety of recreational and cultural opportunities; and are pleased with the value and cost of county government services.

Have a mission to generate and allocate revenues and establish policies and regulations in order to pursue public safety and educational goals, protect our environment and quality of life, enhance the local economy, comply with state and federal program mandates, and provide other lawful services desired and supported by county residents.

Are dedicated to applying values-based principles in the everyday work of the Board and its staff, including a commitment to:

Integrity, as a foundation for open and honest dealings with all and a desire to always choose the harder right rather than the easier wrong in our decision-making; 

Excellence, through devotion to the strong work ethic and cooperative spirit that have been hallmarks of our citizens, in order to provide efficient and effective services for County residents and businesses; 

Limited government and its associated qualities of equitable and just taxation and regulation, simplified structure and operations, and easy accessibility for County residents and businesses; 

Respect for others, by recognizing that fairness and genuine empathy should be the basis for our engagement with the public at large; 

Respect for the past and future, by acknowledging that much of what makes Botetourt unique today is rooted in past decisions that preserved a special natural environment and quality of life, and that future generations deserve as much from us; 

Accountability, individually and in teams, by always accepting responsibility for our behaviors, actions, and results; and 

Loyalty in word and deed to each other and to our community.