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How do I find available books, movies, and music?

Thanks to membership in the Roanoke Valley Libraries consortium, all Botetourt County Libraries members have access to the shared collections of four library systems in Botetourt. Roanoke City, Roanoke County, and Salem. Request items from any of these libraries, and our couriers will deliver them to your preferred library location for pickup. 

Looking for an eBook or eAudiobook instead? Access that collection here. 

How long can I keep my items?

Books & Books on CD28 days
New or In Demand Books14 days
Movies7 days
Music7 days

How do I renew items?

Items renew automatically, no action needed! Each item checked out on your card will be renewed automatically two days before it's due, if there are no other holds and the items still have unused renewals. Items may be renewed up to 2 times if no one is waiting for them.