How to Become an Election Officer

  • Be a registered voter in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Not an elected official or an employee of an elected official
  • Be able to work a minimum of 8-hours on Election Day
    • Full day is 5 am until all paperwork, etc. is completed after polls close at 7 pm (approximately 8:30 pm but may be later)
    • Split shifts are:  AM shift  5 am - 1 pm or PM shift 12:30 pm until all paperwork, etc. is completed after polls close at 7 pm
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Be able to work well with diverse group of people
  • Be detail-oriented
  •  Good communication skills

Responsibilities of an Election Officer

  • Attend required training(s)
  • Assist with set-up/breakdown of polling location
  • Maintain a secure, organized and professional polling location
  • Perform assigned duties in accordance with election laws and guidelines
  • Assist voters as necessary
  • Refrain from political discussion or comments while on duty

Training & Compensation

  • Officers must be trained not more than 30 days or less than 3 days prior to every election
  • Trainings normally last 60 to 90 minutes
  • Officers are considered to be temporary employees of the County
    • Must complete W-4, VA-4 tax forms and provide documentation to complete I-9 form
  • Officers receive $150 for full-day assignment or $75 for split-shift assignment
  • Every effort is made to place officers in their home precinct or as close to their home precinct as possible
    • Officers serving outside their home precinct will be compensated for mileage at the current government rate

View a quick video about working the polls on Election Day!

How to Apply