Subdividing Land

All land divisions in unincorporated Botetourt County are governed by the County Subdivision Ordinance (Chapter 21)

No person shall subdivide land without making and recording a plat of such subdivision and without fully complying with the provisions of this chapter and the provisions of Code of Virginia § 15.2-2240 et seq. 

No plat of any subdivision shall be recorded unless and until it shall receive final approval by the subdivision agent in accordance with Chapter 21 of the County Code. 

What is a subdivision? 

A subdivision is defined as a division of any tract, parcel, or lot of land, into two or more parts, at one time for an extended period of time, for the purpose of transfer of ownership or building development.  The county has established processes regarding the subdivision of property.  

Every plat shall be prepared by a surveyor, duly licensed by the state, who shall endorse upon each plat a certificate signed by him setting forth the source of the title of the land subdivided and the place of record of the last instrument in the chain of title. 

Is my property eligible to subdivide? 

The ability to subdivide property is determined by regulations found for each zoning district in the zoning ordinance

Each zoning district has its own development requirements such as minimum lot size, road frontage and utilities.  

Types of Subdivisions 

  • Preliminary plats (required for any subdivision of more than 50 lots) 
  • Subdivision plats (one lot into multiple lots) 
  • Family subdivisions 
  • Boundary line adjustments 
  • Vacation of lot lines 

Submit a Subdivision Application

For the subdivision of 5 lots or more, or if the subdivision involves the extension or construction of utilities such as roads or water/sewer, an application, record plat (or preliminary plat for more than 50 lots), constructions plans and profiles (engineering) are required. Major Subdivisions are processed through the Development Services Division. A pre-application meeting is strongly recommended. Meeting requests and submissions can be made by emailing the Development Services Division.  

For the subdivision of 5 lots or less, an application and record plat is required. Minor subdivisions, family subdivisions, boundary line adjustments and vacation of lot lines are processed through the Planning and Zoning Division. Submissions can be made by emailing the Planning and Zoning Division 

Plats must be prepared by a professional engineer or surveyor licensed in the state of Virginia. and must be prepared in accordance with the requirements set forth in Chapter 21 of the County Code. 

Upon receipt and processing of a complete application, our office will contact the applicant with payment instructions.  

Other Information

County Code - See Chapters 25 (Zoning) and 21 (Subdivisions)