Inspections Request Procedure

Inspection requests and on-site consultations can be requested by using the information provided in the Contact Us section. Please have your building permit number available, property owner name and location address, if possible.

Beginning November 1st, 2023 inspection requests need to be made prior to 4:00pm for the inspection to be performed the following day. Requests made after 4:00pm on Friday will be scheduled for the following Tuesday.

When requesting an inspection please specify if the request is for the AM or PM of that day. Time of day requests will be honored as staffing and workload allows.

For questions, complaints, or concerns or if you need to speak with the Building Official or one of the inspectors you can also email the request to the permitting office.

The Building Permit shall be posted and visible from the road. To avoid re-inspection fees, trades must be ready prior to the Inspector’s visit, and/or corrections completed from previous inspection. 


A complete, approved set of legible construction documents shall be available on the building site in accordance with the 2018 Virginia Construction Code, Chapter 1.

109.5 Approval of construction documents.

The approval of construction documents shall be limited to only those items within the scope of the USBC. Either the word “Approved” shall be stamped on all required sets of approved construction documents or an equivalent endorsement in writing shall be provided. One set of the approved construction documents shall be retained for the records of the local building department and one set shall be kept at the building site and shall be available to the building official at all reasonable times.


Un conjunto completo y aprobado de documentos de construcción legibles estará disponible en el sitio de construcción de acuerdo con el Código de Construcción de Virginia de 2018, Capítulo 1.

109.5 Aprobación de los documentos de construcción.

La aprobación de los documentos de construcción se limitará únicamente a aquellos elementos que se encuentran dentro del alcance del USBC. Se estampará la palabra "Approved" (aprobado) en todos los conjuntos de documentos de construcción necesarios que han sido aprobados o se proporcionará una aprobación equivalente por escrito. Un conjunto de los documentos de construcción aprobados se guardará en los archivos del Departamento de Edificación Local. Asimismo, debe mantener un conjunto en el área de construcción y tenerlo a disposición de la autoridad de edificación competente en cualquier momento razonable.

General Inspections and Descriptions


Inspection of trench size, soil bearing capacity, rebar placement, and setback requirements prior to placement of concrete.


Inspection of forms and rebar prior to placement of concrete.

Drain Tile and Foundation Waterproofing

Inspection of the drain tile system and foundation waterproofing prior to backfill.

Plumbing Groundwork

Inspection of drain, waste, vent, and water piping (with appropriate tests) prior to covering.

Electrical Groundwork

Inspection of trench, conduit, and wiring placed underground prior to covering.

Slab Preparation

Inspection of insulation (if applicable), rebar, vapor barrier and gravel prior to placement of concrete.

Plumbing Rough-In

Inspection of drain, waste, vent, and water piping (with appropriate tests) and nail guards prior to covering.

Mechanical Rough-In

Inspection of all duct work and exhaust systems prior to covering.

Gas Rough-In

Inspection of gas piping, nail guards, and pressure tests prior to covering.

Electrical Rough-In

Inspection of wiring to boxes / fixture locations, grounding, and nail guards prior to covering.

Shower Liner Test

Inspection of poured/cast in-place pan with 2" of water for 15-minutes.


Inspection of all structural framing and fireblocking prior to covering.   (Can be requested at the same time as the rough-in inspections, but all trades must be complete)

Air Barrier (Housewrap)

Inspection of housewrap.  All seams must be taped, tears repaired, and holes sealed. 

Insulation and Energy Code

Inspection of thermal envelope (R-values), fenestration U-factors, and air sealing.

Water and Sewer Service Lateral

Inspection of trench, drain pipe, cleanouts, and water lines prior to covering (public utility service only)

Power Only (No Occupancy)

Inspection of the electrical service components and grounding system.   House must be “weather-tight” with roof cladding installed and a GFCI receptacle.

Final Inspection

  1. Duct Tightness Test paperwork must be submitted (if required)
  2. Blower Door Test results must be submitted (mandatory for all houses starting July 2022)
  3. Well and Septic Operations Permit from the Health Dept. must be submitted (if applicable)
  4. Inspection of completed plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and gas systems as well as life safety and structural elements.  Project should meet minimum standards for occupancy.

Miscellaneous Inspections 

Temporary Power

Inspection of power pole, meter base / panel, and grounding system prior to power connection.  Allowed ONLY for temporary use during building projects.

Tank Install or Removal

Inspection of above or below ground propane, gas, or oil tanks after installation or removal.

Manufactured Home Inspections (*Footings and Finals will also be required)


Inspection of piers, tie-down systems, and plumbing drain lines under home.

Marriage Wall (Doublewides, Triplewides, and Modulars)

Inspection of bolts, straps, and other connection systems between sections of mobile homes and modulars prior to covering.


Inspection of skirting / block and vents around perimeter of crawl space (can be performed along with Final Inspection) 

Pool Inspections

 Electrical Bonding

Inspection of copper or rebar bonding system connecting all metal parts around pool

Electrical Groundwork and Rough-In (same as above)

Barrier and Alarms

Inspection of pool barrier (fencing / gates) and door alarms in house (if applicable)

Final Inspection

Inspection of completed electrical, pump equipment, and pool (can be performed with Barrier and Alarms Inspection).