Tackle Football

Type of RegistrationDatesFees
Early RegistrationApril 17 - July 8$100
Late RegistrationJuly 9 - July 13$150

*Placement on a team is not guaranteed during late registration.

You spoke and we are listening! We have received a lot of feedback requesting two teams in each age division and that one of those teams practice in northern Botetourt. Our goal is to have two tackle football teams in each age division – one in the southern part (Blue Ridge, Daleville, Troutville, Cloverdale) and another in the northern part (Buchanan, Eagle Rock, and Fincastle).  In order to do that, we need to have more tackle football athletes register in northern Botetourt. 

We need at least 40 athletes to register in each age division to create two teams. Our goal is to create teams based on geography and schedule practice within those areas. We will be updating the website periodically to let the public know how close we are to our goal. 

Please help us with football recruitment by sharing this information with your community. We will also be partnering with James River High School to help with recruitment efforts and events. 

We want to create teams based on geography and schedule practice within those areas. We realize that in recent years Northern BOCO families had to travel to Daleville to practice due to not enough athletes in Northern BOCO signing up to play. We understand this is not sustainable or easy for our families. This is where we need your help. Please help us with football recruitment by sharing this information with your community.

IF WE DON’T GET ENOUGH PLAYERS REGISTERED TO HAVE 2 TEAMS, we will combine registrations into one team like we did in 2022. If this happens, the max number of players we can have on one team is 31. If we don’t reach our goal of having two different teams, then those that registered after the first 31 players will receive a refund (registrations will be verified based on the time stamp of the registration meaning the first 31 players that register will get to play). That being said, it’s very important to REGISTER EARLY so your child is guaranteed to play! If families from northern BOCO decide they don’t want to play for a combined team, then we will offer a full refund.

And…. Just because you live in Southern BOCO doesn’t mean you can’t register your child to play in Northern BOCO. You as a parent get to choose if your child will be a Cav or a Knight!

Practice & Games Timeline

  • Practices begin the week of August 1st
  • Games begin August 26th

Field Information

Age Information

  • Ages: 7 to 12 years old
  • Age Cut-off Date: September 30

Code of Conduct

Refund Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in Coaching?

Botetourt County plays within Roanoke County's tackle football league. We will play by Roanoke County Parks and Recreation rules.

We won’t let a child miss out on recreational sports because of finances. Financial aid is available to qualifying athletes. Contact the Botetourt County Parks & Recreation Office for more information.

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children playing tackle football

Click here to view athletic schedules Opens in new windowRegistration has officially ended for Fall 2023 tackle football. See the enrollment numbers for each team below. Evaluations for 11/12 athletes will be held on Thursday, July 20th at 6:00 P.M. Team numbers for 11/12 will be updated on July 21st .

Registration Numbers
Coach N. Kelly- 23Coach J. Wilson- 31
Coach J. Aliveto- 22
Coach C. Barns- 22Coach M. Hall- 27Coach P. Gladfelter- 21
Total: 45Total: 58Total: 43


Practice Locations
Coach Kelly 7/8Boxley
Coach Barns 7/8Fincastle
Coach Wilson 9/10Read Mountain Middle School
Coach Hall 9/10Fincastle
Coach Aliveto 11/12Daleville
Coach Gladfelter 11/12Fincastle

Still have questions after reading our FAQs? E-mail us!  

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