What's My Zoning

It’s important to know in which zoning district(s) your property is located, because different districts have different permitted uses, and regulations such as setbacks may be different in each district. 

Before any zoning approval is granted, the zoning district must be verified. 

When do I need zoning approval?

No permitted principal or accessory building, structure or use, or building, structure or use permissible by special exception shall be constructed, reconstructed, moved, added to or structurally altered or otherwise allowed without a permit therefore issued by the building official and approved by the zoning administrator.  

You may use the county’s Geographic Information System (GIS) to determine your base zoning. This information is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed. Zoning can be verified by contacting our office. After searching for your property, zoning information can be found by clicking on “layers” on the left of the page and turning on the zoning layer. You may also use the GIS to determine if any floodplain exists on your property. 

Your property may also have additional regulations such as proffered conditions, which can be obtained by contacting our office to find out additional information.  

For more information about permitted uses and development requirement in each zoning district, visit our county code online (See Chapters 25 [Zoning] and 21 [Subdivisions]).