Did you know that Botetourt County has over 1,500 miles of roads? The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) maintains the roadways for Botetourt County, and works in partnership with the county for planning and operations.

Road Maintenance Request

The Virginia Department of Transportation maintains the road system in Botetourt County, including regular maintenance, improvements, and snow removal, among other activities. Some roads in the County are private and are owned and maintained by private homeowners or property associations. Private roads are NOT maintained by Botetourt County or the state.  

If you have noticed an issue on a road, submit a report to VDOT by using this form: Online Work Request 

Road Notices

Lane closures for regular maintenance are a common occurrence. Less frequently are lane closures for accidents and emergencies. Monitor the Virginia Department of Transportation website and social media accounts for other on-demand information.

Roadway Projects

Botetourt County works regularly with VDOT Salem District staff to improve the operations and safety of our road network. 

Below you can view an interactive map showing recently completed, ongoing, and upcoming projects in Botetourt County or learn more about Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) projects throughout the Salem District.

It is important to note that these projects identified on the map do not reflect all ongoing or upcoming projects. There are several projects that impact the road network related to private development projects, routine maintenance, and other improvements such as water, sewer line work and fiber installations that are not reflected here.

Map Legend

Pin for Legend Light Blue designating primary highwaysPrimary Highways
Pin for Legend Light Orange designating bicycle, pedestrians, and greenways Secondary RoadsPin for Legend Navy designating interstate projectsInterstate Projects
Pin for Legend Light Green designating secondary roads Bicycle, Pedestrians and Greenways

Transportation Planning & Funding

Transportation planning in Botetourt is an intensive, multi-organizational, long-range endeavor. It involves citizens, County officials, regional entities, VDOT staff, and at times, federal organizations. 

Statewide transportation planning is centered around the SMART SCALE funding process. SMART SCALE is a tool used by the Virginia Department of Transportation to deliver funding to appropriate projects by using quantifiable data and scoring methods. Projects are submitted on a two-year cycle, in which projects are identified and then applied for in even numbered years. Botetourt County staff works closely with our VDOT partners to help identify, design, and engineer projects for the SMART SCALE application process. 

Transportation planning is also regional in nature. Botetourt County is a member of the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission, one of 21 planning district commissions in the Commonwealth. The Regional Commission is responsible for some of the long-range planning for the urban and rural areas of the region. Transportation projects in Botetourt seeking funding should be found in the Long-Range Transportation Plan, the Rural Long Range Transportation Plan, and the Transportation Improvement Program (a document that identifies how federal funds will be used for transportation projects in the Roanoke Valley’s urbanized area over a four-year timeframe).