Historic Greenfield Preservation Advisory Council


The purpose of the Historic Greenfield Advisory Council shall be to provide the county's government with an officially chartered and appointed citizen's body of qualified volunteers to support and advise the county about the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of the buildings and grounds of the Greenfield historical preservation area.


Third Tuesday of each month at 3:00pm

Botetourt County Administration Center, Room 229
57 S Center DriveHistoric Green, Botetourt County Virginia
Daleville, VA 24083


  • Jim Johnston, Chairman
  • Wendy Warren, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Steve Clinton, Board of Supervisors, ex officio
  • Jon Lanford, County Administration, ex officio
  • Beth Pappas
  • Cheryl Sullivan-Willis
  • Curtis Brown
  • Danny Kyle
  • Edward Preston
  • Eugene Journiette
  • Lynne Bolton
  • Roblyn Brand
  • Will Dibling

Save the Date! Dedication of Col. William Preston Memorial photo