Erosion & Sediment Control

The Development Services Division of Botetourt County's Department of Community Development ensures compliance with regulations concerning Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management, handles Land Disturbance permitting, and educates the public about land and water conservation issues.

For general permitting information including forms, fees, procedures, and to schedule, a pre-permitting advisory meeting, see the Development Services page.

ESC regulations prevent soil on development sites from washing into waterways and onto adjoining properties. These apply to any "blade in the ground" projects where land is disturbed. To report an ESC violation or to register a drainage complaint, email.

A Land Disturbing Permit (LDP) is required for all commercial and subdivision projects, as well as any project whose area is greater than 10,000 square feet. However, an impact risk assessment can necessitate an LDP for any land-disturbing project.

Application for an LDP requires submission of a design checklist that demonstrates compliance with the State's minimum standards as well as a complete set of project plans that include a stormwater management plan. It is also required that the project be bonded.

The Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Review Fee (for the Land Disturbing Permit) is $100 for projects involving one acre or less, plus $50 per acre or portion thereof in excess of one acre.

To report an Erosion & Sediment/Stormwater violation or to register a drainage related complaint, email Erosion & Sediment/Stormwater.

Land Disturbing Permit Forms

References & Resources

Botetourt County Municipal Code

Chapter 8.5 - Drainage and Flood Control

Chapter 10 - Erosion and Sediment Control; Stormwater Management  

Chapter 20 - Solid Waste

Chapter 21 - Subdivisions

Chapter 24 - Water, Sewers, and Sewage Disposal

  • Refer to the  Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) website for detailed design standards for construction entrances, culvert inlet and outlet protection, diversion, silt fence, soil matting and blankets, and temporary seeding.
  • VA 811- Dig with Care is the call center for excavators, contractors, property owners, and those planning any kind of excavation or digging. Call 811 or (800) 552-7001 before you dig. It's the only way to avoid costly mistakes, fines, and even personal injury. Besides, it's the law!
  • Botetourt County Landfill (includes recycling information)

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