County Administration

The Office of the County Administrator assists the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors in defining the goals and strategies used to implement the community’s vision for Botetourt County.  

The Office oversees the operations of county departments, the development and implementation of the annual budget and the tracking of performance in the delivery of county services.  The County Administrator works with the Deputy County Administrator and Assistant County Administrator along with  county staff to serve the residents, businesses and visitors of Botetourt County. 

Elected Official Information

  1. County Administration
  2. Constitutional Officers
  3. Towns (Incorporated)
  4. State Government
  5. National Government
  1. Gary Larrowe

    County Administrator

  1. David Moorman

    Deputy County Administrator

  1. Jon Lanford

    Assistant County Administrator

  1. Lorie Bess

    Administrative Assistant to the County Administrator

  1. Tiffany Bradbury

    Director of Communications/Media Relations

  1. Kristen Chapin

    Communications & Marketing Specialist