Where to Recycle

Botetourt County partners with Recycling & Disposal Solutions to provide recycling for our community. 

View a list of what can and can't go in the receptacles.

GFL's  Convenience Center located in Cloverdale has a single stream compactor that will recycle:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Glas

They also accept the following items for recycling at:

  • Metal
  • Yard Waste
  • Tires

Some Botetourt County Public School locations serve as Recycling Centers for the community (to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, and tin cans).

Elementary Schools:

  • Breckinridge
  • Buchanan
  • Colonial 
  • Eagle Rock
  • Greenfield
  • Troutville

High Schools: 

  • Lord Botetourt

Curbside Recycling Collection

Curbside recycling is available to residents who are customers of Kelley's Garbage Collection Service, Kessler Garbage Service, and County Waste. Residents who live in these two service areas who would like to use the curbside recycling service can do so by calling the hauler for their area to be added to the recycling route.

Botetourt County thanks GFL, Kelley's Garbage Collection Service, and Kessler Garbage Service for their commitment to our community by providing curbside recycling collection.

Recycling Calendars

Note that companies have different collection schedules:

Participant Information

Contact Information

Clear Plastic Bags

The following stores carry the clear plastic bags (garbage or leaf) required to participate in the recycling program: 

  • Kroger
  • Walmart
  • Lowes
  • Food Lion
  • Northwest Hardware

The County thanks local merchants for carrying clear plastic bags.

Household Electronics

The following items are accepted at the Convenience Center during regular business hours:

  • Computers (remove all personal information)
  • Monitors
  • Fax Machines
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Hard drives
  • Modems
  • Power Backups
  • Circuit Boards
  • Telephone Equipment
  • Sealed Batteries(Dry & Wet Cell)
  • Transformers(Without oil or liquids)
  • Table Top Copiers
  • Cell Phones
  • Stereo Equipment
  • All associated peripherals
  • Wire/cable
  • DVD players and VCRs
  • MP3s and DVRs
  • Fluorescent Bulbs and compact bulbs

In addition, computers (in any condition), hardware, and related equipment that are gently used in good working condition can be dropped off at the Goodwill donation site in the Botetourt Commons Plaza (Kroger Plaza), Monday - Saturday, 8 am to 9 pm and Sunday 12 to 6 pm.

Household Hazardous Materials

View information regarding disposal of Household Hazardous Waste 

Items accepted from Botetourt County residents at the Convenience Center during regular hours::

  • Used motor oil
  • Anti-freeze
  • Fluorescent tubes/bulbs
  • Propane barbecue tanks
  • Car batteries
  • Household batteries
  • No containers larger than five gallons

Botetourt Goes Green

Botetourt County local government offices are working to conserve our environment with Go-Green actions.

It starts with Botetourt County's Comprehensive Plan, which promotes and encourages a high standard of environmental protection and maintenance. Our policies encourage conservation easements and development that minimizes negative environmental impacts.

Commercial Recycling

Commercial Recycling Data Reporting: please use this form to report either monthly or annual data for your company.