Strategic Planning


In the summer of 2014, the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors decided to embark on a strategic planning process to forge a path for the future of the County. The Board appointed a strategic planning committee to perform the initial steps in the process. Based on the committee's recommendations, the Board hired a facilitator and set the timetable and initial framework for the strategic planning process.

In November 2014, staff presented historical and current background data and narratives related to the major areas of interest to the Board. The information provided brought all members of the Board and senior staff up to date on the current state of the County. In December 2014, the facilitator led the Board through a visioning session to determine the members' collective idea of what they want the future County to look like. The Botetourt 2040 Vision and accompanying priorities are the results of that process.

In December 2016, the Board and senior staff reviewed the progress of the strategic plan in the two years since the vision and priorities had been developed. Every priority had been worked on in some way, with some fully completed. The Board then reaffirmed the priorities and the vision.

In March 2019, after some changes in membership on the Board of Supervisors, the Board held a visioning retreat in order to discuss an update to its vision. After much discussion and debate, the Board developed its updated Botetourt 2045 Vision. The Board adopted the Vision on March 26, 2019.

Botetourt 2045 Vision 

Honoring Our History, Enjoying the Present & Shaping the Future

Botetourt is a dynamic and vibrant county of rich, carefully protected, and preserved historical and natural resources that make it a place like no other.

Northern Botetourt is characterized by innovative agricultural and recreational enterprises that result in prosperous communities that retain their historical authenticity from Main Street Buchanan to Colonial Fincastle. Southern Botetourt is full of all types of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment, easily accessed by beautiful corridors, an extensive trail system, and public transit. Attractive and connected office, commercial, and industrial development are intermixed with a broad and diverse variety of housing. The Exit 150 area, in particular, offers dining, lodging, and entertainment for the traveling public and our residents and is the portal to all things Botetourt.

Botetourt is the preferred place to live, work, play, and learn for residents throughout the region. We are perceived as "awesome" by old and young alike. Visitors from around the world are drawn to our mountains, waterways, scenic highways, historic and cultural attractions, and our best-in-class sports competition and entertainment venues. Residents and visitors enjoy the ultimate opportunity for both adventure and reflection.

The way we do business has built and strengthened public trust and confidence. Our vision, thorough planning, and diligent, accountable management results in high levels of citizen satisfaction with their government and community. Residents and businesses actively engage in civic activities and continually and enthusiastically work together to make Botetourt a better place.

In 2045, we are our own entity and we like what we are: energetic, enabling, engaged but not engulfed, exciting and excited. Botetourt is an easy place in which to live, raise a family, run a business, and achieve individual and collective potential. In a word, Botetourt is, simply, awesome.

We are what we are because of a focus on the following:

Thriving Business Environment

Botetourt's economy is a regional force. Through a business-friendly and supporting climate, the county assists our existing businesses to continually reinvest and expand here. Through active and targeted marketing, we attract community-minded, value-added business and industry from around the globe. A reliable partner and creative resource, we maximize conditions for new businesses to establish themselves and thrive.

Agricultural Innovation

Historically an agricultural community, that heritage has evolved into high-tech traditional farming and innovative and sustainable uses of our natural resources. We showcase a cluster of successful niche and traditional agri-businesses that serve markets near and far. Botetourt County is a leader in finding new and successful ways to produce highly desired farm-to-table products. Agri-tourism enables us to share novel practices with others. Creative strategies to advance the knowledge of agriculture practices and opportunities support farming as an important part of our economy and heritage and strengthen our youths' connection to the land.

The Gateway Center

The Exit 150 area is a gateway not only to Botetourt County, but to the entire Roanoke Valley, the Shenandoah Valley, Central Virginia, and the Virginia Highlands. It is the starting point for visitors in search of scenic beauty, history, culture, and outdoor adventures. A nucleus of restaurants, lodging, entertainment, trails, and residential options, the Gateway Center lures travelers off the highway, hosts visitors, and provides convenient housing in the midst of varied amenities. Through design and dedicated effort, it serves as the major connection that economically and physically unites all areas of our county.

Botetourt Awesome

Botetourt provides awesome experiences for both residents and visitors. Through cooperative public-private and regional partnerships, we present an engaging and exciting array of entertainment, recreational, cultural, sports, and outdoor amenities. Consistent investments provide us with sports fields and recreational facilities that are best in class and hiking, biking, equestrian, and water trails that inspire outdoor enthusiasts. Varied cultural amenities, including music, art, and culinary venues, are of exceptional quality. Our vast, pristine national forest, Blue Ridge Parkway, and scenic landscape provide the ultimate opportunity for both reflection and adventure.

Public Service Leadership & Engagement

Botetourt County is a leader in creative community solutions that are replicated in other localities and regions. We govern with self-reliance, while exploring and participating in regional as well as private sector partnerships of mutual advantage. County government and business leaders cooperatively and proactively engage state and federal agencies and elected officials to ensure that the County's interests and priorities are known and addressed. In addition to expanding and diversifying our tax base, finances are managed conservatively, minimizing the burden on taxpayers while ensuring fiscal stability.

Multiple and varied opportunities for public input and feedback and reliable management systems ensure that all voices and concerns are heard and addressed in a timely way.

Lifelong Learning Excellence

Botetourt County's education system is a vibrant and dynamic environment that leverages technology to attract the best educators and to prepare students for higher education and career/technical success after high school. The education system provides opportunities to all citizens in pursuing their lifelong learning goals. Partnerships with County schools, higher education institutions, workforce development organizations and businesses create coordinated programs that align the County's well-prepared labor force with existing and emerging labor needs.

Worldwide Connectivity

High-speed, high-capacity internet connectivity facilitates and supports County business, educational, and cultural relationships around the globe. This access embeds in our County increased opportunity to supply goods and services to anyone anywhere and creates new entrepreneurs, partners, and investors. Residents enjoy more diverse employment opportunities by working for themselves or remotely for companies located anywhere in the world. Tele-health expands resident access to healthcare near and far. Enhanced connectivity provides citizens with new opportunities for entertainment and cultural experiences, bringing the world into the homes of Botetourt.

Celebrating Our Unique History & Heritage

We proudly celebrate and promote Botetourt's unique and influential role in the creation of the American Republic and in the diversity of cultures that ensured the success of the American story. Through research, sensitive planning, and historic restoration and preservation, we have created venues for visitors from around the world to study, interpret, and appreciate our place in history - a history that spans the centuries, from early settlements to the coming of the railroad. We enjoy international renown for our role in the westward migration and for our authentic displays of the communities of the Appalachian frontier. By preserving and promoting our unique historical assets, we instill community pride while boosting economic development.

Smart Growth & Conservation

Thoughtful planning and policy making have enabled Botetourt County to achieve a desired balance of development and conservation throughout the County. Impact-sensitive awareness and innovation allow diverse agriculture, natural and resource-related enterprises to thrive in northern Botetourt while maintaining the rolling farmlands, wooded mountains, and scenic creeks and rivers that define its beauty. Collaborative visioning and policy making have spurred a social and economic renaissance for our towns and small communities, along with the protection of their distinct architectural, historical, and cultural characteristics. The creative redevelopment of the Exit 150 area has promoted and smoothed the way for attractive and highly livable development throughout southern Botetourt. From Daleville to Bonsack and Troutville to Cloverdale, roadways, trails and transit provide easy travel by vehicle, foot or pedal. Development policies and standards result in a diverse mix of quality regional retail, restaurants, entertainment, and varied housing options supported by a strong and diverse base of modern offices and industries.

ALL OF THIS - A Thriving Business Environment, Agricultural Innovation, the Gateway Center, Botetourt Awesome, Public Service Leadership and Engagement, Lifelong Learning Excellence, Worldwide Connectivity, Celebrating Our Unique History and Heritage, and Smart Growth and Conservation - make Botetourt County one of America's most desirable places.