Botetourt County

Botetourt County (pronounced bot'-uh-tot) is one of Virginia's most scenic and historically significant counties. A blended rural and suburban community nestled just north of Roanoke, Virginia, Botetourt offers American history blended with nature and modern attractions. When it was first established, the county extended all the way to the Mississippi River, covering parts of seven present-day states. Botetourt offers a slice of American, with charming small towns, traditions, and southern hospitality of life in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Governing Bodies

  • Board of Supervisors: Botetourt County has a five member, elected Board of Supervisors. Each member is elected from one of five districts and serves a four year term.
  • County Administration: The Board of Supervisors hires a professional County Administrator and support staff to manage the daily operational business of the county.
  • Planning Commission: Botetourt County is served by a five-member Planning Commission. Each member is appointed  by the Board of Supervisors for a four-year term for their respective magisterial district..

Financial Information