Botetourt sustains a large educated workforce and steady residential demand providing a valuable talent pipeline for growing local enterprise. With more than twenty nearby colleges, universities, and continuing education institutions, the local community benefits from continuous workforce training and in-demand skill enhancements from thought leaders across industries and academia. 

  •     3% of County workers are specialized in education, health, and social services 
  •     13% work in manufacturing (>3% union presence) 
  •     Over 89% of County residents have high school education or higher 
  •     23% have a Bachelors degree or higher 

The current labor market is made up of 350,000 trained workers who enjoy the quality of life available in Botetourt County. 

  •     Low divorce rate of 7.9% 
  •     High home ownership rate of 87% 
  •     5% of county residents are U.S. veterans 
  •     Cost of living averages 5-6% lower than the national average 

Botetourt County also participates in The Advancement Foundation's Virginia Individual Development Accounts (VIDA) (PDF) program to assist first-time homebuyers and startup businesses. 

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Check out the Botetourt County 2020 Census here.