Small Business Support

Photo of Cupcakes and Canines Owner
Photo of Virginia Mountain Vineyards by Clarence Renshaw
Photo of Troutville Grocery Store owner

Botetourt County is open for small businesses to start, grow, and prosper!  The Department of Economic Development is dedicated to helping you succeed. We recognize the value and importance of our small businesses.  Over 800 business entities in Botetourt County employ ten or fewer people, which makes our local economy very much a small business economy! 

Starting, growing, and sustaining your small business and connecting with the right resources available to you can be daunting.  Our “Botetourt’s Open for Business" brochure includes a checklist of essential business planning items and a list of available resources to get you started. 

Our small business development program must involve partnerships to be effective and useful for our small businesses.  In partnership with the Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center, The Advancement Foundation,  and the Botetourt County Chamber of Commerce have you covered.   

Have questions? Contact us at (540) 928-2140 or at [email protected]  

During the COVID19 pandemic, the County used CARES funding to help aid our farms and small businesses.