Current Invitations for Bids

Bid packages for these projects are available by contacting the Purchasing Office at (540) 473-8331 or via email at

IFB No. Description Details
16-22224 Final Rankings: 1) Stewart Engineering 2) Engineering Concepts 3) Anderson & Anderson Botetourt County is seeking expressions of interest from qualified firms who wish to be considered to provide professional engineering services for the Daleville Greenway Project. The project is generally described as an improved surface greenway trail located in the greater Daleville and Amsterdam area designed to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle traffic in accordance with the specification of the Request for Proposals. Addendum #1 was offered Feb 2,2016-please request from Purchasing Office. The RFP Pkg may be obtained by contacting the Purchasing Office at (540) 928-2106. [DETAIL]
17-22692 EXTENDED- see Addendum #1-- Botetourt County is soliciting unsealed proposals from qualified firms to develop a comprehensive plan for a historical preservation area located at Botetourt Center at Greenfield. The RFP and Addendum may be requested from the Purchasing Office at 540-928-2106. [DETAIL]
17-22694 Botetourt County is soliciting unsealed bids from qualified persons interested in renting land for hay in the areas within Botetourt Center at Greenfield. This person shall furnish all equipment, labor and materials necessary to cut grass, bale and remove hay from one, two or three of the 100-acre tracts to be awarded in accordance with the specifications of the Invitation for Bids. IFB Package may be requested from the Purchase Office by calling 540-928-2106. [DETAIL]
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