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For questions or comments about the sign ordinance, please contact Nicole Pendleton, Planning Manager/Zoning Administrator.


Sign Ordinance Objectives

The objectives for this sign ordinance review are to adopt a clear and concise sign ordinance that County staff, business owners and citizens will find usable, easy to understand, comprehensive and fair. Specifically, the end goals or desired outcomes include a balance of the following:

      • To support commercial, industrial and institutional uses through advertising
      • To support flexibility in signage technology
      • To effectively manage visual clutter
      • To maintain an aesthetically pleasing Botetourt County
      • To provide clarity of the regulations, and
      • To administer an easy and predictable permit process and fair and effective enforcement



FINAL   Botetourt County Sign Ordinance  FINAL

In keeping with the Planning Commission objectives for its year-long review process, the Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted a new county-wide sign ordinance on October 22, 2013.

  • Adopted changes include a majority of the Planning Commission recommended language from its Public Hearing of September 9. Proposed changes include expanded sign types, expanded opportunities for additional signs and enhanced clarity in how signs are to be utilized on property within differing zoning districts.
  • The Supervisors fine-tuned language related to the placement of Electronic Message Board (EMB) signs with regard to nationally registered historic landmarks, districts and the Town of Fincastle, as well as placement within limited zoning districts within the County.

  • Electronic Message Board signs may be permitted upon successful approval of either Special Exception Permit or Rezoning application for institutional uses and within mixed use developments in the County by the Board of Supervisors.

  • Additional changes also include how businesses receive permits for display of banners.


Jurisdictional Sign Ordinance Comparisons

Jurisdictional Sign Ordinance Comparisons

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