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Botetourt County Comprehensive Plan

Botetourt County’s Comprehensive Plan is a broad statement of community goals and policies that direct the orderly and coordinated physical development of the County. The Comprehensive Plan anticipates change and provides specific guidance for future growth and administrative actions, generally over the next 20 years.

The Comprehensive Plan (March 22, 2011) can be reviewed at County Libraries, purchased from the Development Services Office*, and downloaded from this page. Maps can also be downloaded individually.

Note: *Hard copies of the new Comprehensive Plan are available @ $24.50 each, or on a CD for $12.

Files on this page are in PDF format.
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  Policy Plan
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  Land Use
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  Cultural and Environmental Resources
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  Community Facilities and Services
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Botetourt County Comprehensive Plan Maps


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Map_01_Botetourt County Base Map Map_15_US Route 220 Map_29_Hydrant Analysis 3miles
Map_02_Population Distribution Map_16_Rural Bikeway Map_30_Fire Travel Distance
Map_03_Botetourt County Census Tracts Map_17_BotetourtCountyRuralBikeway Map_31_Fire Travel Time
Map_04_Population Distribution_Est Map_18_Historic Resources Map_32_Rescue Trave Time
Map_05_Existing Land Use Map_19_Soils Map_33_Fire Service Areas
Map_06_Zoning Map_20_Slopes Map_34_Rescue Service Areas
Map_07_Recen tResidential Growth Map_21_Elevations Map_35_Landfills and Recycle Centers
Map_08_Residential Densities Map_22_Watershed Basins Map_36_Solid Waste Collection Areas
Map_09_FutureLandUse Map_23_100 Yr Flood plain Map_37_WaterandWastewaterInfrastructure
Map_10_Conservation Easements Map_24_Recreation Sites Map_38_Water Existing Land Use
Map_11_Future Mixed Use Target Areas Map_25_James River Trail Map_39_Water Future Land Use
Map_12_Botetourt Co Transportation Map Map_26_Schools and Libraries Map_40_SuitabilityMapExit156
Map_13_2005 Level of Service Map_27_Fire and Rescue Stations Map_41_SuitabilityMapExit162
Map_14_2035 Level of Service Map_28_Hydrant Analysis 1000ft Map_42_SuitabilityMapExit167_168